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Tactical Courses

Officer Street Survival

  • 3 Days

This 3 day intensive Street Officer Survival course presents LEO's with realistic scenarios designed to enhance reaction time in a violent encounter. Each scenario is a simulation of a real, life-threatening incident encountered in the line of duty. The course focuses on the use of pistol and patrol rifle use in lethal encounters. It involves classroom theory, extensive range time, and force-on-force scenarios using Simunition® FX® firearms.*

SWAT Basic

  • 5 Days

The first day starts with a firearms warm-up and a pistol/long-gun qualification course. Students will receive a review of the topics covered in the basic SWAT course, including a basic clearing refresher. The remainder of the course will use classroom and practical instruction to develop advanced techniques for tactical scenarios, warrant service and hostage rescue.

Active Shooter

  • 2 Days

This course is designed to teach students active shooter response training program for their department.

Students failing to meet and maintain our safety requirements and/or who cannot meet and immediately demonstrate the minimum skills required for the specific class may be removed from training. Please ensure you have read through the class description and fully understand our prerequisites before registering.

Outline of covered topics:

  • Search and rescue tactics
  • Mechanical breaching
  • Live fire room entry and clearing techniques
  • Live fire team movements
  • Developing a training plan for your first responders
  • Equipment selection i.e., plate carriers, helmets, gas mask
  • Small Unit Tactics

Low Light / No Light

  • 2 Days

The purpose of the training class is to expose the student to the proper use of the flashlight and weapon in a low light environment, to develop student confidence and ability with handgun in fighting techniques and low light shooting situations and threat/target identification. This course covers techniques for building searching and clearing.

  • Principles of low-light tactics
  • How to choose and use tactical flashlights
  • Entry techniques: Solo, pair and 3-man
  • Entry techniques in reduced light
  • Force-on-force techniques using marking cartridges

Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

  • 2 Days

This course is designed for the Law Enforcement Officers to give them the tools necessary to win in confined spaces. This course uses Force-on-force techniques using marking cartridges to reinforce lessons-learned from the experience of the instructors in operational environments.

The course revolves heavily on a team building concepts to make the individual better in life-saving tactics under fire. During the instruction, students will learn how to be a defender of a home or building, as well as how to safely move through these structures. Scenario-based training using marking cartridges is cutting edge training used to ensures the student gets the most from their training.