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SafeSide Tactical is a family-owned-and-operated business that is dedicated to giving you a way to properly and safely protect yourself. We have been open since December 2012 and moved to our current larger facility in November 2015. SafeSide Tactical is a federally licensed manufacturer and dealer of firearms. We also offer State-of-the-Art Indoor Firing Range & Training Facility with 100 yard target distances.


ARM Security, Investigations & Consulting Firm, Inc. (ARM SIC) was developed to assist people in resolving and providing solutions to their circumstances in times of trouble. Our operation may be reactive or proactive, but always result driven. We understand these difficult times deserve diligence and attentiveness in order to obtain a positive result for you, while also preserving your confidentiality. We strongly believe this positive impact on individual lives leads to a better environment and society for all


Shadow Hawk Defense was established in October of 2015 by Lynn Kasic (President) and Randy Weekley (Director of Training). Shadow Hawk Defense is a 150-acre training facility designed for dynamic shooting, competition shooting sports, scenario-based training and training for security professionals.

In the relative short time that Shadow Hawk Defense has been in operation, it has become one of the most sought-after training facilities for government agencies, security companies, private groups, and nationally and globally renowned trainers.

Shadow Hawk Defense has also become a desired facility for competition shooting sports hosting sanctioned local and area USPSA, Steel Challenge competitions, as well as two gun and outlaw steel matches.


At A Class Academy, we feel a responsibility to all students by providing essential training necessary for the workforce. Expertise, skill,s and current knowledge are invaluable to trainees and experienced personnel; we want to ensure that our training meets the needs of today’s private security professionals.

As part of our training, we encourage and support ethical behavior in all aspects of private security because we are dealing with the trust of the public and welfare of individuals. We must, as private security professionals, have the belief that good ethics are fundamentally important to ourselves and all whom we strive to serve in business.


Abila Security & Investigations (ASI) maximizes protection for our clients by relying on our state-of-the-art global resources and real-time intelligence. More than a standard executive protection service, ASI goes above and beyond to provide executive protection and security services to the US Government, Fortune 500 companies, A-list celebrities, major motion picture studios, professional athletes and high net worth individuals from Beverly Hills to Afghanistan.

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Accredited Security Training (AST) knows that students are in a competitive job market. To compete they need to be well trained for positions with the greatest demand and know where the future lies. Our commitment is to give students the insight and resources to achieve those goals.

Everyone learns at a different pace and everyone retains information differently. We’ve all sat in classrooms where a teacher moves too fast for some students but too slow for others - those who already know the information are bored and tune out while those who are hearing the information for the first time struggle to keep up and get frustrated. Here at AST we take pride in having a perfect balance within our classes, so every student feels like they are receiving the best training possible.


Cramer Security & Investigations was founded in 2003. The founder of Cramer Security observed faults in how we believe security should be operated when it came to the client-contractor relationship. The goal of forming Cramer Security & Investigations was to set the industry standard. We believe in delivering professional trustworthy officers and providing them with structure and organization that fulfills our client’s individual needs.

Cramer Security & Investigations is a growing security provider currently employing over 500 security officers and support personnel, with operations in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Our operating procedures are based on the successful organizations such as the U.S. Military and West Virginia State Police.

We believe it is crucial to have the involvement of law enforcement on a regular basis, not just when we require their services. Additionally, we maintain relationships with investigators from the United States Attorney’s Office and the local Prosecuting Attorney’s Office


Vestigo Detective Agency is a full service private investigative agency based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Vestigo was founded on the principles of integrity, supreme quality, and exceptional service. Vestigo is licensed and insured in the states of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Vestigo conducts private investigative services for individuals, corporations, attorneys, and insurance companies. Vestigo provides our clients with private investigative services involving criminal and civil case reviews, surveillance, infidelity, insurance fraud, workman’s compensation, personal injury investigations, security consulting, undercover investigations, pre-employment background checks, background check investigations, asset investigations, missing person locates, business risk assessments, and customizable investigative packages.

Vestigo Detective Agency realizes that a successful investigation requires open and honest communication with our clients. Vestigo understands this aspect of service is paramount. We have provided our clients with the ability to contact a member of our management team 24/7.

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AAA Online Training Academy specializes in online, student-focused training. Since our inception, our goal has been to meet and exceed our students and client’s needs and expectations by delivering award-winning, real-time training. AAA Online Training Academy provides engaging online training courses, cutting-edge LMS systems, and workforce management solutions to help make organizations more capable, and more compliant.

AAA Online Training Academy is the go-to for online training, not only because of our state and nationally approved lesson plans, but because we are willing to work with clients to customize lesson plans for contract or company specifications.