Fredericksburg, Virginia

Training Locations

CCJA Fredericksburg (CCJA Fred)

Our 13,000-square-foot training facility displays an office identity that reflects our strong Washington DC/Northern Virginia presence and accommodates our future growth plans. CCJA Fred maintains four separate classroom facilities, two of which are suitable for 15 students and two are suitable for 40 students. With a full kitchen and two break rooms in the building, we provide our students with enough space and food preparation area during their stay at the facility.

CCJA Fred also has a 1,400-square-foot multi-room shoot house. The house has 4 rooms with two long corridors. Other features include full ventilation for shooter health and safety and installed lighting for extended training hours. This well thought out and one-of-a kind facility insures we are providing cutting edge training to CCJA Fred's clients in Security, Medical, Civilian, Law Enforcement, and Military markets.

  • 540-322-3000

  • 56 Joseph Mills Drive Suite 100
    Fredericksburg, Va 22408