17 Day Accelerated EMT Training

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy's 17 Day Accelerated EMT Program

This course combines didactic, psychomotor lab and clinical observation to prepare students to provide emergency care to patients in the pre-hospital setting based on the scope of practice defined by Virginia OEMS, Department of Health and U.S. Department of Transportation Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) curriculum. Emphasis will be placed on the recognition and treatment of life-threatening emergencies

The CCJA EMT program is one of the premier EMT schools in Virginia. CCJA has been in business since 2007, and we have been providing EMT training since 2009. We were the first Academy in Virginia to provide an accelerated EMT program and we have maintained an outstanding pass rate for our students. Our mission is simple: training the next generation of top-notch EMT professionals. We offer an accelerated EMT program, to get you mission-ready and certified fast. We also offer an EMS Continuing Education course to update your expertise and enhance your career. CCJA EMT instructors are experienced leaders in their fields, and our real-world training scenarios are ideal for aspiring EMT professionals.

This program is a continuous 17-day program. This program includes clinical hours (ride along on an ambulance with a proctor) when you have successfully completed the CCJA EMT program you are ready to take the National Registry EMT test (NREMT). At the successful completion of the NREMT exam CCJA students will be both Virginia EMT & National Registered EMT certified.

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Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) play a crucial role in healthcare, acting as the first responders during emergencies. They are dispatched by 911 operators and frequently collaborate with police and fire department personnel. EMTs provide vital medical care, ensuring patients receive prompt attention and transportation to the nearest hospital.

Given the high-risk nature of their work, EMTs must undergo rigorous training to excel in their roles. Our comprehensive, hands-on EMT training program equips you to join this community of dedicated healthcare professionals, and make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Our training courses cater to the needs of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), military, public, and private sectors, providing essential real-world skills across various disciplines. Our EMT program can accommodate professionals with different backgrounds and skill sets.

This course is no different from regular EMT courses, The only difference is the class days are longer and days to complete are shortened. Classes are fully in person unless stated otherwise in course listing.

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Coure Information

Course Cost:


This price Includes textbook, access to online learning platform, additional class materials, to include but not limited to: medical equipment: Blood Pressure cuff, Stethoscope, Penlight, Glucometer & CPR certification if needed.

Course Schedule:

Accelerated courses are 17 days straight. That means we conduct training everyday including the weekends. Class times are 8am to 5pm.


CPR Certification

If you are not currently CPR certified, you can still register for a class! We offer CPR certification as a part of your EMT course at NO additional charge.

FEMA Certifications

The following Independent Study courses are co-requisites for class: IS-5.a, IS-100.c, IS-200.c, IS-700.b, IS-800.d      These are Independent study courses they can be accessed by going to the FEMA Training website and navigating to the "Independent Study" tab.

Student Requirements

  1. Must be 16 years of age or older before the start of the course.
  2. Hold a VAOEMS approved cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course at the beginning date and throughout the course.                          (CCJA offers free CPR training for enrolled students the day prior to the course)

Required Material

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Twelfth Edition Textbook and the Navigate 2 Premier Access is Required.

The student must have the Premier Package through Public Safety Group by the first day of class. CCJA students receive a 30% discount code upon enrollment.

A laptop or computer access is required during this course to complete assignments and testing.

Job Placement Assistance

CCJA maintains partnerships with multiple EMS agencies, medical transport companies, and hospitals within the Northern Virginia area. If you desire to become an EMT on an ambulance or in a hospital emergency department, we always have agencies wanting to meet with our students. We will actively work to put you in touch with the key people to get you into the EMS field.

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